KO Propo – VFS-1 PRO C2 (Competition2) for TA05MS



– The japanese domestic limitation sale.
– All black specification custom servo lead/read equipment.
– The special setting preinstallation for TA05MS.
– Instantaneous largest electric current /3120A (FET specifications)
– Continual largest electric current /780A (FET specifications)
– Drive frequency/custom setting preinstallation
– Input potential /4.8~8.4V
– Size /28.0×25.0×14.4mm
– weight /18.8g (only substance)

* From the nature of the product, we have become the setting to which restriction of the protector and the limiter etc is difficult to catch. The case of damage of part non repairable
* This product is sale only of the Japanese country.


Source : Ko Propo

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