Xray Update – Nitro Touring Cars European Championship – 1st qualifiers result

Results of the Nitro Touring Car championship 1st qualifiers:

1. Teemu Leino – XRAY NT1
2. Alessio Mazzeo
3. Francesco Tironi
4. Martin Hudy – XRAY NT1
5. Niki Duina – XRAY NT1
6. Helge Johannessen – XRAY NT1
7. Jilles Groskamp – XRAY NT1
8. Mark Gilliland – XRAY NT1
9. Andreas Myrberg – XRAY NT1

10. Rick Vrielijnck

11. Beat Walti – XRAY NT1
12. Martin christensen – XRAY NT1
13. Basile Concialdi – XRAY NT1

23. Manuel Singer – XRAY NT1
24. Robert Pietch – XRAY NT1
31. Juraj Hudy – XRAY NT1

Friday has 4 qualifiers on schedule and the first one is over. There was fairly cold in the morning but the track conditions were perfect so plenty of the drivers improved their lap times significantly. The XRAY team did very well with Teemu Leino setting the best result and currently leading the qualifiers. Martin Hudy and Jilles Groskamp did a wrong tire choice for the track condition in the morning which was noticable in the first few seconds when the front of their cars had very low traction and as such they had to drive very carefully and of course slowly as the car was slower in the chicanes. But despite this disadvantage Martin had a very nice run without any mistake and finished at 4th position with Jilles at 7th position.

The surprise of the first qualifiers were however plenty of other XRAY drivers who set their result within the first top 20. Nice surprise of the day is definitely Mr. Juraj Hudy who despite being the senior driver set out of the 150 cars at a very nice 31st position missing just 0.5 sec to break into the 18 laps.

Another very nice result was achieved by the only 13 years old XRAY driver from Austria – Manuel Singer who was able to break into the 18 laps also and finished at a very nice 23th position.

With the increasing temperatures team will now change slightly the set-up and for sure those who run with harder tires will change for softer tires. As the temperature is around the noon very high the conditions will be worse and maybe again in the evening the track conditions will get similar to the morning. The very big chances however will be for everybody tomorrow morning when the last 5th qualifier will take place.

Source : Xray

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