Xenon – Speed VSS


  • Travelling mode/advance – brake
  • Conformity motor/limitlessness
  • Input potential /4.8V~8.4V (4~7 cell)
  • Drive frequency /8 adjustment (2.5KHz~10KHz)
  • Throttle curve /8 adjustment
  • Punch control /8 adjustment
  • Brake adjustment /8 adjustment
  • Size /33×25×15mm
  • Weight/20.0g (the wire is excluded)
  • Dustproof specification switch
  • The program attachment for 23T
  • Xenon original capacitor

Translation :

The xenon make speed controller “VS-1” which with microminiature and the high performance becomes topic it corresponds to the power source of recent years to the base,

The succession type “VSS” which it could point appears.

Drive frequency, throttle curve, punch control and brake adjustment etc optionally setting possibility.

Be able to evade the trouble the dust and the like due to penetration and with the case of the complete sealing up type which is popular with VS-1, in off load travelling

The case of the aluminum make also the heat dissipation effect being preeminent, shows power probably will be future in season.

In addition, all setting is fast with button 1 of substance tops setting possibility.

This much high performance, actualizing the price which cuts 20,000 Yen low.

With the xenon original program, preeminent punch power is shown.

Source : XENON Racing

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