EDIT – 3 in 1 Charger for Nitro Cars

3 in 1 (Tx, Rx & Glow Igniter) Charger for Nitro Cars (EU 2Pin)


Charge all 3 of your essentials all in one go with this handy overnight wall charger for EU 2-pin sockets.


LED Indicators show connected components: Transmitter, Receiver pack and Glow Igniter.

Supplied with two charging jacks for different transmitters.
Suitable for: JR, KO, Futaba, Sanwa and many more transmitters.
(This Charger does NOT charge LiPo transmitter packs.)

Input: 220v 50Hz (2Pin)
Tx: 80mA (11.2v)
Rx: 80mA (5.6v)
Glow Igniter: 180mA (1.4v)

Fuel Tube Holder

Secure the fuel tubing in your nitro vehicle with Edit Fuel Tube Holders. Keeps your nitro car or truck neat and the tubing out of the way.

Five sturdy plastic clips per package, stylishly designed for convenience and practicality.

Source : RC-EDIT

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