Robitronic – LiPo 5000 25C Battery


Robitronic offers with the new LiPo 5000 battery the future.
More Power, longer runtimes, less weight and longer lifetime as a typical sub-c battery pack.

The Robitronic LiPo 5000 has the same size as a sub-c battery pack and can be used in touring car and offroad.

The Robitronic LiPo 5000 battery is already delivered with the right power cables as well as an power plug and an balancer port.

• Capacity: 5000mAh
• Voltage: 2S-2P (7.4V)
• Max. Current: 25C
• Dimensions: 137x45x23mm
• Weight: 265g

Source : Robitronic

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