RCCAOI Irish National Championship Round 5


RCCAOI Irish National Championship
Round 5, St. Annes Park

1:8 A Final
1. Clive Connolly (Serpent 960)
2. Austin Elliot
3. Sean Doyle (Serpent 960)

1:10 A Final
1. Chris Steele
2. Steven Hayes
3. John Haugh (Serpent 720/Mega MF)
4. Keith Dempsey (Serpent 720/Mega MF)


Defending Irish National 1:8 Champion Clive Connolly scored his second straight win of the season yesterday during the fifth round of the 2007 Championship.

Driving his Serpent 960, Connolly TQ’d at the St. Annes Park track and continued to control the pace in the 30-minute A Final to secure win No.2 of the season.

Continuing his strong run in the Championship young Sean Doyle claimed his second podium finish of the season with a fine drive to third with his 960.

Unfortunately for standings leader Darragh Fox his final ended seconds after the start when his car was hit from behind forcing the Round 1 winner into instant retirement. Fox’s lead is now just 2 points over Connolly with Doyle third making it a 1, 2, 3 for Serpent in the current standings with 2 races to run.

In the 1:10 A Final John Haugh made it a podium double for Serpent by taking his Mega MF powered 720 to third. His second podium finish of the season Haugh currently lies second in the National standings. Just missing out on his first podium finish newcomer Keith Demspey brought his 720/Mega MF combination home in 4th position.

Source : Serpent

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