Tamiya Lunch Box Gold Edition


Limited Special edition of the Lunch box!

Tamiya is always good for a surprise, particularly if it around products for Tamiya Freaks and – collecting tank goes. The ReEdition of the Lunch box was not yet enough, around this to toppen, announces now to Tamiya a limited edition with gilded body and rims!

* Classical Minivan body in with gold coating
* Monster tire with 115 mm in diameter and 71 mm width installed onto gilded rims
* Radiator grille, Seitenschweller, bumpers in front/in the back and absorber housings in chrome execution
* Stable ABS tub chassis with independent suspension in front and pendulum rigid axle in the back
* 540 engine and TEU-101BK automatic controller inclusive
* Packing with special “gold edition” label.

Source : Tamiya & rcworld.ch

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