Serpent S400 Carbon 5 cell Chassis 2.5mm


2.5mm thick carbon fibre 5-cell chassis plate for the S400

Serpent have introduced this new 5 cell chassis plate for the S400 to optimise the car further when raced under the latest EFRA rules that require the use of only 5 cells. Machined out of a 2.5mm sheet of high quality carbon fibre, the plate is a simple replacement for the standard 6 cell version but now only sports 5 cell slots and this allows for a less tight radio equipment configuration. The chassis has contersunk screw holes on the bottom a better weight distribution, a machined slot under the motor to allow it to sit as low as possible and all the areas that are used for mounting the cars electrics have machined grooves to provide that all important cooling.


Source : Serpent

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