Thunder Tiger – Hammer S18


Translation :
The HAMMER S18 is equipped with a ultrastiff chassis and new, extremely narrow differentials, hereby the brachiale power of the PRO-18 of engine becomes precisely controllable. Due to its compact building method and the extreme achievement of the Nitro engine, that accelerates HAMMER S18 faster than most 1/8 monster Trucks and is substantially more agiler and more agile thereby. With his ultralangen, very durable wishbones and eight large volume oil pressure shock absorbers masters the hammer S18 also the largest obstacles with ease. All these characteristics in combination
with its 2-Gang automatic transmission, the reverse gear adjustable over the transmitter, that drive running in ball bearings and the CVD Kardans make it one the most stable and most agile RC-Trucks.


– PRO-18 engine with push pull cable starter or starter wave
– Gas servo with metal transmission
– Ultraeichtes High ending chassis from aluminum
– New differentials to front, and rear axle
– 2-Gang transmission with metal gear wheels and reverse gear
– High speed universal joints
– Dual brake system
– Monster Truck tire with mega+ Grip
– Ramming protection in front and in the back
– Closed RC-box for receivers and Akku
– Pivot ball wheel suspension
– Aluminum resonance pipe and elbow union
– 8 oil pressure shock absorbers
– Large tank with 125ccm for specially long travel time
– Complete running in ball bearings


Technical data:

437mm lengthens
Spreads 350mm
Height of 220mm
Wheel base 290mm
Weight 3570g
Clearance 50mm
Tire size 135mm x 65mm



Source : Thunder Tiger de

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