Gray Win’s IIC Warm-up


With the carpet season just around the corner, several car manufacturers sent in their “top guns” from across the country to get in some laps at world famous Competition Hobbies located in Tucson, Arizona. CH is best known for their top-notch facility consisting of both an on-road carpet track and high bite clay off-road track on opposite sides of the driver stand.

Team Orion Factory Drivers Andrew Gray and Frank Root were in attendance for this IIC Warm-Up Race. Both drivers would compete in both the Modified and 19t Touring classes.

In 19t Touring it was all Andrew Gray. With his Team Orion Element 07 19t providing plenty of rip, he went ahead and set the overall TQ. Gray then went on to win the main by a considerable margin with Team Orion’s off-road driver Frank Root who worked his way up from the sixth qualifying position to finish 2nd!

Also, congrats go out to Andrew for Tq’ing the Modified Touring class and finishing second with his Team Orion Vortex powered JRXS Type R.

Equipment Used:

19t Touring Car TQ/Win
ORI20051: Team Orion Element 07 19t Spec Motor
ORI41225: Katana Laydown Brushes
ORI30117: Team Orion Advantage Charger
ORI11512: Team Orion IB4200WC Team Packs
ORI40112: Gold Battery Bones
Rollout: 28.2mm

Modified Touring Car TQ/2nd
ORI28101 Team Orion Vortex 3.5
ORI41445 Team Orion Sensor Cable 150mm
ORI11512 Team Orion IB4200WC Team Packs
ORI40116 Copper Battery Bones
Rollout: 20.8

Source : Team Orion

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