Orion wins MARS


This past weekend was the 4th round of the Michigan Auto Racing Series held in Vicksburg, MI. The MARS Series hits 5 different tracks all within a 5-month period taking the best 4 results out of 5 for the overall championship. With this only being a one- day race most of the racers usually show up on Friday to get some practice before race day. Unfortunately, it rained on Friday and then again Saturday morning. This left the racers with very limited practice.

Team Orion Factory Driver Jason Jakubczyk (who just earlier this week was picked up by Team Kyosho) was the current points leader in the 2wd Modified Buggy class. Up to this race Jason had a perfect record of 3 wins. By winning this weekend he would secure the overall championship. With all the rain he was not able to get in any practice with his brand new ride. Since the rain delay the officials changed the program from 3 qualifiers to just 2 qualifiers and 1 main event. With very bad track conditions Jason decided it was best to sit out the first qualifier. He then went on to qualify second overall in the 2nd qualifier. Starting second on the grid, Jason did what he does best and got his Team Orion powered RB5 to the front in a hurry. After taking the lead he continued to stretch it out for the win by over 20 seconds. Not bad for only his second pack with his new car!

This win gave Jason the 2007 MARS 2wd Modified Buggy Championship!

Equipment Used:
ORI29103 Revolution RC Edition 12×1
ORI41091 Revolution Brushes – Sprint Standard
ORI41392 Revolution Springs – .30mm 9-coil
ORI11512 IB4200 WC V-Max 35 Team
ORI40116 Copper Battery Bones
Geared: 21/78

Source : Team Orion

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