Tech Racing – DT-1 Speed

Tech Racing – DT1 Speed – High-end Drift Machine – Limited Production


  • The high-end machine which it is used exclusively is designed in the one for drift
  • The section new is designed in the one for drift including the chassis, powerful traction is produced, speed is produced wonderful flying distance fast.
  • Presently, it is done in the competition meeting, when without fail the necessary high speed drift and, liking to stop in “chase”, with the control characteristic which stops preponderant adding
    You can obtain vantage
  • Hole position of the [yokomo] make drift body that way is enabled.

Specification :

  • 2.1t carbon make main chassis
  • 2.0t carbon make upper deck
  • 2.0t carbon make front and back oil damper Plate
  • vertical adjustment system
  • duralmin make front and back bulkhead & damper stay mount
  • layered system duralmin make motor mount
  • 16T centerPopular super low friction damper SPT damper equipment
  • front and back spool diff. specification full-time by the pulley
  • Touring car 4WD


  • Technical Medium Spring – Drift Exclusive Use Spring set (for Technical Circuit)
  • High speed Medium Spring – Drift Exclusive Use Spring Set (for High Speed Circuit)
  • Front One way – Exclusive Develop for DT-1
  • Ball Diff – Exclusive Develop for DT-1
  • Rear Toe adjustment suspension Block – Choice of three angle (2, 2.5 & 3 degree)

Source : Tech-Racing

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