Tamiya – October New Product

DT-02 MS

Available Oct 27, 2007
The light running only of ★2WD fully loaded the option part to the DT-02 chassis of charm, furthermore raised potential. * It tightens the foot origin with the aluminum make oil damper, and the white collar worker spring the full bearing and the ball diff., raising the efficiency of drive type with the universal shaft. * Adopting the polycarbonate body the color of the residence player before TRF.


Available in Oct 20, 2007

* Front direct drive and the rear ball diff. specification which can be called fixed turn of high-end race/lace of the foreign country. The 2.0mm thick new design upper deck, you adopt 2.5mm thick [rowadetsuki], correspond to the high power motor and the high grip road surface.

BMW Z4 M coupe racing (TT-01 chassis)

Available Oct 27, 2007
* The BMW Z4 M coupe racing which participates to domestic durable race/lace appears by the electromotive RC car. * You project the front and back fender to wide, reproducing the forum of the force which provides the air outlet to real with polycarbonate. Approximately also light/write illumination is possible. * The chassis the controller bull adopts shaft 4WD and TT-01, sets the wheel base to 251mm.

Lunch box gold edition

Available in Sep 29, 2007
* The gold plated body uplift the custom mood of the lunch box more. * The simple rear wheel drive 2WD chassis which adopts the box frame the assembly is easy. ★540 motor attachment.

Other Product

  • LED Light (φ3 white)
  • LED Light (φ3 Lead)
  • LED Light (φ3 Blue)
  • Medium Narrow 12 Spoke Wheels (24mm width offset +2)
  • M chassis 11 spoke Wheels (Black)
  • M chassis 11 spoke Wheels (fluorescent Yellow)
  • M chassis 11 spoke Wheels (fluorescent Orange)
  • LED Light (φ5 in Yellow, Blue, Rainbow, Rainbow Random Type Color)
  • FR-32FX Aluminum Heat Sink Head

Source : Tamiya

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