New Academy 2WD Buggy GV2


These images are from Trinity eastern states challenge last weekend.

This GV2 will be released this month.

– Threaded shocks with bladders that can be flipped upside down for a more
conventional emulsion type shock feel.
– No e-clips (captured hingepins)
– 27.5 kick-up with bellcrank matching the same angle
– Vertical ball studs on the front and rear bulkheads
– Rear axle will accept the ACADEMY hex rear rim, along with “MOST” other pin
drive rims
– Front axle will accept the ACADEMY metric front bearing/rim, but…..
there will be an additionaL ASE sized axle included to that Team Associated
B4 front rims, and Proline B4 rims can be used as welL.
– Aluminum hingepin blocks have plastic balls that snap into them so that
there is not excess force applied to the aluminum when changing
antisquat / toe-in.
– Steel outdrives with Over Sized rings, that makes for a longer lasting diff
– Gear cover that is virtually air tight, gear cover plug is tethered to the
gear cover so that you dont lose it.
– Chunky CVA drives make the rear suspension bind free throughout
suspension travel.
– Multi Length Pivot (MLP) on the hub carrier and rear arm for long or short
suspension geometry.
– Front bulkhead and shock tower are keyed and screwed together.
– Front hingepin block is keyed into both the upper bulkhead and also
the lower bulkhead.
– Front Hingepin block has replaceable teflon sleeves.
– Rack or traditional style bellcrank is offered



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