Cseko Win Aprilia Bokor Cup


The Aprilia Bokor Cup took place at the very beautiful village of Bokor (located in Hungary) on the long weekend of August 24-26. This was the very first international money award buggy race in Hungary. Drivers from Czech Republic, Lithuania, Italy and Germany participated to compete together with the Hungarian drivers for the huge prizes:
– 1st place: Aprilia Scooter
– 2nd place: €1500
– 3rd place: €1000


Main final results:

1. Gergely Cseko (HUN) XRAY XB8EC
2. Andriolo Hermes (ITA)
3. Martin Bayer (CZ) XRAY XB8EC
4. Ifj. Orsovai Dezso (HUN)
5. Frank Andreas (GER)
6. Miroslav Jurenka (CZ)
7. Dworschak Patrik (CZ)
8. Taurius Sinkevicius (LT)
9. Martin Pater (CZ)XRAY XB8EC
10. Gyurics Tamas (HUN)

Source : XRAY & Full Report 

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