Team Academy – GV2 Pro 2WD Buggy – Preview


Sourcing from for the preview of the All New Team Academy 2WD Buggy GV2 PRO.

This is NOT the production car, so there might be some changes before it hits the market


  • – Threaded shocks with bladders that can be flipped upside down for a more conventional emulsion type shock feel.
  • – No e-clips (captured hingepins)
  • – 27.5 kick-up with bellcrank matching the same angle
  • – Vertical ball studs on the front and rear bulkheads
  • – Rear axle will accept the ACADEMY hex rear rim, along with “MOST” other pin drive rims
  • – Front axle will accept the ACADEMY metric front bearing/rim, but…..there will be an additionaL ASE sized axle included so that Team Associated B4 front rims, and Proline B4 rims can be used as well.
  • – Aluminum hingepin blocks have plastic balls that snap into them so that there is not excess force applied to the aluminum when changing antisquat / toe-in.
  • – Steel outdrives with Over Sized rings, that makes for a longer lasting diff
  • – Gear cover that is virtually air tight, gear cover plug is tethered to the gear cover so that you dont lose it.
  • – Chunky CVA drives make the rear suspension bind free throughout suspension travel.
  • – Multi Length Pivot (MLP) on the hub carrier and arms both front and rear for long or short suspension geometry.
  • – Front bulkhead and shock tower are keyed and screwed together.
  • – Front hingepin block is keyed into both the upper bulkhead and also the lower bulkhead.
  • – Front Hingepin block has replaceable teflon sleeves.
  • – Rack or traditional style bellcrank is offered.








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