Venom Power 2-5 Cell LiPO Balance Charger


Venom’s new LiPO balance charger will charge 2 cell to 5 cell lithium polymer battery packs while individually charging each cell within the pack. The new LiPO Balance Charger is easy to use, without complicated wiring or setup.


  • Charges LiPO Specific Battery Packs
  • Charges Each Cell Individually within the Pack for Optimum Performance
  • Will Charge a 2 Cell & 3 Cell Simultaneously, or a Single 4 or 5 Cell Pack
  • Compatible with Venom Series of LiPO Batteries
  • Anodized Aluminium Case to Dissipate Heat Rapidly
  • Intuitive LEDs Indicate Status of Batteries
  • Length: 80mm [3.1in]
  • Width: 140mm [5.5in]
  • Height: 34mm [1.34in]
  • Works With: 2S-5S Packs
  • Input: DC 12v – 24v at 5A
  • Output: 8.4 – 20.4v at 1.5A

Source : CML Distribution

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