Power Plant 620


The Power Plant 620 can supply 20 massive amps of current at 12 volts DC for any 12v DC charger or device on the market, and comes equipped with (3) outputs and possible to connect up to (6) 12volt devices all at once!

Need to use more than one charger?
The PP620 can power 3-6 chargers simultaneously, three by way off banana plugs and 3 by using the banana plug nut feature.
This unit comes with 6 banana plug interfaces that double as a wire nut so you can simply loosen the banana nut slide in your naked wire in and tighten the nut back down.
In this case you can use each set of posts for 2 devices at the same time adding up to 6 12v devices.

Source : kimihiko-yano.net & http://www.juc.jackedupcustoms.com/pp620.html

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