Indonesian Grand Prix F180


Per-Ola Hard reports on last months Dalton Touring Masters

In August myself and Rob Kuijper from Serpent went to Jakarta in Indonesia to race in the annual Dalton Touring Masters organized by Serpent Indonesia, the Dalton Shop.

For me this was my fourth time to Jakarta and the excellent JITC track which is in the central business district of the multi million city. Racing in Jakarta is always a great pleasure with great organisation, great track and great weather and this time proved to be no exception.


This time was also my premier race with the new formula F180 car what I had just done some practice with before at my home track in Sweden. I was eager to see how this car would perform under racing conditions. Before the race I had stopped by Serpent in Holland to team up with Rob Kuijper who was going to race the F180 for the first time also, we tried Rob’s car at the Heemstede track and used the new special F180 foams for the first time and the car looked very good so we were both eager to race it in Jakarta.

First time out in Jakarta both our F180 cars performed almost perfect, the formula car differ from both the 720 and the 960 in the way that is only 2-wd drive, something I am used to since the old Serpent Impact days. Driving is a bit different going into corners but with the four wheel braking system and the good traction of the JITC track the car was just perfect and great fun to drive! At one time I lost my rear wing and the car was just undrivable so I can imagine how a real Formula 1 car feels without the rear wing… hehe. With the new big diameter foams, 37 shore front and 35 shores rear the car was very well balanced and tire wear was very little, and the advantage of 2-wd is that the split between front and rears is not very sensitive.

After a close battle in the qualies I managed to take TQ ahead of Rob. In the final I had some problems with setting the engine right and local hero and team Serpent driver Teddy Syach won the final after a nice run, with me in 2nd and Rob finishing 3rd.

This “Indonesian Grand Prix” race was mainly for fun and a great show, but I am sure we will see many great and fun Formula F180 races around the world in the future.



Dalton Touring Masters 1:10NT and 1:8IC

The main racing of the weekend took place in the 1:10 and 1:8 class that saw top drivers from many countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong.

1:8IC class

In the 1:8 class young Indo driver Ryan took TQ ahead of Rob Kuijper. In the A-main final Teddy Syach showed his true speed and he won with this Mega powered Serpent 960, with Peter Wijaya S-960 taking a nice 3rd spot, young Serpent ace Arya from Indonesia took the 6th spot, Rob ran into troubles and finished 8th, fast Serpent Thai driver Suruth had to retire and got 9th.

1:10 Nitro Touring class

In the 1:10 class TQ was taken by top Indonesian driver Sadikin, closely followed by Suruth from Thailand with his S-720. After some trouble in the qualies I managed to get 10th place and the last one to make A-main, but I was confident as my 720 had felt really good. In the final I started to work my way up, some others ran into troubles but I just kept on driving at a good pace, towards the end I was in the lead but I had to do one more fuelstop. After 45 minutes of racing I finished in 2nd place just a few seconds behind the winner Sadikin from Indonesia, Suruth finished 3rd with his fast S-720, with FEMCA winner Teddy Syach in 4th with another S-720.

A really great race for me! I would like to thank Mr. Peter Wijaya and Mr. Susanto from the Dalton Shop for inviting me and Rob and having us there to experience a great racing weekend in Jakarta. A truly impressive organised race!



Source : Serpent

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