The new 1/12 Scale RTR X:ID LP500 SP Type release from rc-excel.


Translation :

Keeping excelling, full the new concept RC car which is announced, X: ID (cross eye D)

You overtake the forum which is thorough starting point revolution in theme, in the fan of the radio dawn and you appear with the concept which is accepted in the user of today.

In beginner kind point full load

The using which is represented to toy radi-con of these days it is cheap with, [chiyunatsupu] which is Daigo taste of hobby radio, we developed the model which it can correspond to maintenance characteristic both parties at high dimension. As for the chassis adopting the direct drive of 1/12 size. Bodily sensation it can receive operability and maintenance characteristic good quality.

New concept of rubber tire +1/12 chassis

The tire which you use adopts the original compound, covering to circuit travelling from travelling at the parking zone. Choice the various tires it is possible by the fact that it standardizes to one for M size chassis where has established presently the genre 1 of wheel size to do.

Assembly completion it is completed, (RTR) with radio more familiarly

If including the body, the mechanic of the transmitter and the receiver etc is entirely loaded in the kit, the electric battery for [puropo] is inserted and the battery of attachment is charged, directly travelling is possible, at assembly completion kit we sell the.

The reality impression the body which overflows in labor assistant

The body which becomes a largest attention important point also fire attaching part of sou Parker boom, adopting [ranborugini] [kauntatsuku] which even pronoun can be said. You overtake the detail of the elegant forum to the extremity, the existence impression of making complete you have become the completion which overflows.

Sale time, both price presently we do last adjustment. In the future it is the schedule which keeps us conveying details on occasion in the home page and the magazine etc.

We wait for the opinion of everyone from heart.

Specification :

  • X: ID (cross eye D)
  • 25000 Yen (tax removal)
  • Start of 2007 9 end of the month day shipment
  • Total length: 316mm
  • Full-width: 172mm
  • Wheel base: 198mm
  • Tread size (F/R): 137mm
  • Weight:  910g (Estimate, the battery it includes)

RTR (completion being completed kit), paint being completed body When with excelling presently this kit is sold, the attempt where several is new is planned. That among those, we would like to make the kit which reflects the voice of everyone who is the customer even a little, you think and with the latest kit large collect the voice from everyone user. We want making this in the next term body, we want producing such a part, if the promotion is done, here, it is the chance where idea of everyone such as event plan is utilized to the kit.




Source :  rc-excel.jp

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