Tamiya – Lunch Box Gold Edition



Tamiya Japan announce the new Lunch box Gold Edition (1/12 Scale R/C Customized monster van for racing & show) will be available on Sep 29, 2007

Translation :

Being luxurious, furthermore mischievous the lunch box 

Funny the body and the big tire which forcefully it lifted raised are combined style. It is special specification of electromotive radio control car “lunch box” which can enjoy with the forum which represents the custom van of popularity in America the comical running. The front grille of the body and the wheel, and silver plating of gold plating and combination of the bumper at all gorgeousness. Custom mood is uplift more. The chassis the assembly is easy with simple structure 2WD. Of course, installing the big tire, if running enjoys, accelerates rapidly anywhere, raising the nosewheel, also [uiri] travelling is possible. Gorgeous style the mischievous running is the limited kit of charm.

2 wheel drive chassis adoption which installs the big tire of diameter 115mm

Being simple, it assembles the chassis easily tough 2 wheel drive. To adopt the mainframe of the box type, as for suspension front [suinguakusuru] independence and the coil spring attachment of rear [roringurijitsudo]. Installing the tire of diameter 115mm on the wheel of the gold plating finish. The dynamic running is announced even with the rough road. As for the gear box the direct vent system where the sand of the thing and the reliability which prevents the invasion of the small stone are high concerning the off load. It built in also the diff. gear which produces smooth cornering. In addition it equips also [uiriba] on the rear. If it accelerates rapidly in the road surface whose grip is good, raising the nosewheel, it can enjoy also [uiri] travelling.

Basic specifications
– Total length 385mm, full-width 290mm and total height 225mm
– Body weight =1560g
– Motor =540 type
– Drive system = rear wheel 2 wheel drive
– Suspension F: Swing axle R: Rolling rigid
-CVA damper short (ii) installs, possibility
– Dress wheel of gold plating finish
– As for bearing both front and back wheel in ball bearing interchangeable
– Ball adjuster being attached steering wheel rod

Source : Tamiya

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