Team CRC – October 2007 New Product


  • Losi 8ight and 8T “No-Pop” Steering balls
  • CRC Generation-X graphite front brace
  • CRC Pro Strut Titanium Upper Balls
  • Titanium Front End Screws (4)
  • CRC Pro Strut Titanium Tie Rods

Losi 8ight and 8T “No-Pop” Steering balls

The Losi 8ight is a revolutionary 1/8th scale offroad vehicle with very few weaknesses. After a more than a season racing the Losi 8ight, it became apparent that occasionally, the steering tie rods “pop” off the ballstuds on a glancing shot to the wheel. Every now and then, a Losi 8ight or 8T racer can catch a corner pipe and pop the steering link causing the vehicle to loose steering. While this race damage is not terminal, as the link can be quickly popped back on, a great deal of time is lost in the race.


CRC’s new “No-Pop” steering ball captures the link, keeping the tie rod attached to the ball. It is practically impossible to cripple the car in an accident as the flange on the ball keeps the ball link firmly attached to the ball. The ball is made from 6061 aluminum and is hard teflon coated for long wear in the harsh offroad application. The kit comes complete with two “No-Pop” balls and the necessary hardware (button head screws). Fits the Losi 8ight Buggy and 8T Truggy in all forms, RTR, RR and Comp kit.


News CRC Generation-X Hop ups!
CRC Generation-X graphite front brace
Now from CRC is the carbon fiber cross brace for the Gen-X. This brace mounts to the CRC lower arms, keeping the front end strong, straight and true even with the heaviest impacts. The brace comes complete with hardware and will bolt right on the Gen X. The brace also acts as a mount for CRC’s new “Long-Arm” option, coming soon for the Pro Strut front end. For those that have the Pro Strut on a different car, you can remove the center cross piece and use the brace on different width vehicles.


CRC Pro Strut Titanium Upper Balls
Titanium, strong and light… and now available for the Pro Strut Front end. CRC has machined super strong titanium upper pivot balls for the Pro Strut front end. These balls are lighter than stock and titanium construction makes them very strong. Easy bolt-on addition to the Pro Strut.

Titanium Front End Screws (4)
Strong, straight indestructible, 8-32 flat head front screws for the Gen-X and many other pan cars that use 8-32 flat head screws. Best yet, they have a 3/32″ hex head for positive, no strip application. Easy bolt-on addition to the Pro Strut, Dynamic Strut or Block-style front end.12392-800.jpg


CRC Pro Strut Titanium Tie Rods
CRC now offers titanium tie rods for the Pro Strut front end. Fits the Gen-X and any other 1:12th car using the Pro Strut. The tie rod is a direct replacement for the stock unit.
3317-800.jpgSource : Team CRC

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