Wälti Beat win Swiss National Champion 2007


The fourth and final Swiss Championship v-TRACK 200mm race took place on September 1/2 in the Western part of Switzerland in a beautiful town called Aigle.
The track opened for free practice on Saturday morning, and the weather forecast promised beautiful and pleasant racing weather for the whole weekend. Fortunately it was right on the money with 20°C temperatures and very pleasant sunshine.


Final results:

1. Wälti Beat XRAY NT1
2. Schär Traugott jr. XRAY NT1

3. Pierroz Loris
4. Felix Reto XRAY NT1
5. Baltensperger Didier
6. Krebs Charly XRAY NT1
7. Moretti Giacomo XRAY NT1

8. Bonetti Giovanni
9. Amort Alexandre
10.Pasquin Claudio XRAY NT1


National Championship overall results: 2007

1. Wälti Beat XRAY NT1 Swiss Champion 2007
2. Schär Traugott jr. XRAY NT1 Swiss Vice-Champion 2007
3. Stammler Dirk
4. Moretti Giacomo XRAY NT1
5. Krebs Charly XRAY NT1

5. Pesenti Mattia
7. Ackermann Monika XRAY NT1
8. Bonetti Giovanni
9. Reiser Marco XRAY NT1
10.Pasquin Claudio XRAY NT1



Source : XRAY

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