Kyosho – DBX G3 Buggy


DBX Rules…! KYOSHO’ s newest attack on the 1/10 4WD off Road scene is called DBX! In this Boliden the experience from seven WM-titles is in the OffRoad range. Maximum performance in the area was the maxim with the development of this new OffRoad Buggies. A true projectile came out, with bear-strong achievement in attractive ready set execution.

• 4WD OffRoad Buggy
• Mini BigBlock GXR-18 engine with resonance pipe
• High-quality digital Servos on gas brake & steering element
• Permanent one, all-wheel drive running in ball bearings
• Pivot ball suspension and front and rear axle
• BigSize Oil pressure shock absorber
• Extra volume tank with 105 ml for long travel time
• High Grip spiked tyre
• Splash-proof one, sealed RC-box
• QRC transmissions with reverse gear expandable


The heart of the DBX is the fire-new GXR-18 mini BigBlock power engine. In connection with the again-developed resonance pipe this engine supplies with to merciless propulsion from each speed range. The chassis is milled from high-quality aluminum and forms the twisting-free basis for this Racer. Front and rear axle have a completely again-developed layout and supply the necessary mechanical traction, in order to bring the achievement of the GXR-18 on the runway. The front and rear axle are accurately identically developed – a clear plus for the Servicefreundlichkeit. The pivot ball hanging at front and rear axle originate from the competition range and make an adjusting possible of the camber without a disassembly of the wheels.

As the further feature the DBX has large volume BigSize Oil pressure shock absorber, which are already used successfully in the inferno GT. Particularly on long distances and with far jumps these absorbers offer substantial advantages. The initial stress in the spring is steplessly adjustable over knurled nuts with fine thread. The Extra volume tank with a capacity of 105 is likewise again developed ml. It has a special Design, which supplies the engine in each driving conditions optimally with fuel. By the large volume are travel time from more than 10 minutes with a tank filling possible.

The all-wheel drive strand is running in ball bearings and had three differential gearings, which provide for an even force on the four wheels. The DBX has besides a new RC-box, which is particularly sealed and which protects high-quality electronic components against dirt and humidity.

The High Grip spike tires at front and rear axle have the same dimensions. They offer perfect Grip on each terrain. The wheel drivers fit for all usual 1/10 OffRoad rims.

A genuine highlight is the KT-3HS Perfex system with two high speed digital Servos, installed in the model! The Servos has particularly short floating times and high retaining moment. Thus your control instructions are converted also under hardest conditions 1:1 in the model.

The body is aerodynamically perfectly co-ordinated and had with the chassis an aggressive Racing Look! In connection with the black rims and the black spoiler, the DBX captivates by its stylisches occurrence. Thus performance and optics go making hand in hand and the DBX the number unity in this class!



Technical data
Length: 450 mm;
Width: 330 mm;
Height: 150 mm;
Wheel base: 299 mm;
Trace (v&h): 274 mm;
Tire: 110×56 mm;
Weight: 2,200 g;
Engine: GXR-18;
Translation: 10,9:1



Source : Kyosho

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