Kyosho – TF5 Stallion PLUS

Kyosho – 1:10 EP 4WD TF5 Stallion PLUS 30023C

KYOSHO’ s TF-5 Stallion becomes faster! In the plus version the model has fire-new Tuning parts, which were developed by Shinosuke Adachi in co-operation with the KYOSHO team drivers. The movability of the model is continued to improve by the employment of the new parts and the total performance of the model is increased noticeably.

The plus version of the TF-5 Stallion has additionally the following Tuning parts:
TF-124 • slab, CFK
TF-125 • front slab, CFK
TF-126 • rear slab, CFK
TF-127 • absorber bridge, in front, CFK
TF-128 • absorber bridge, in front, CFK
TF-129 • servo mounting plate
TF-130 • transmission parts, center, aluminum
TF-132 • steering element pins
TF-133 • wishbones, in the back


The power transmission in the Stallion takes place via a particularly low-friction belt. All drive components are particularly easily held, in order to keep the moved mass as small as possible and to make power transmission as efficient as possible. The driving dynamics of the Stallion is almost unequalled! The power transmission with toothed belts is almost free from play, thus the model reacts very directly to gas instructions. Particularly at the curve exit the Stallion can out-play its full strength, since the propulsion begins substantially in former times and the model comes in such a way with higher speed from the curve.

The slabs are CNC milled from highly compressed carbon fiber and form the basis of the TF-5 Stallion. The lower slab is 2.5 mm strongly and had milled out Akkuschächte, in which the cells are kept optimal deeply in the chassis to lie and. The accurate position of the cells can be varied, in order to obtain perfect a chassis balance. Saddle of luggage or also standard Akkupacks (inline soldered) can be used alternatively. All drillings are symmetrically arranged to the chassis longitudinal axis, in order to obtain perfect a chassis balance.


The front and rear axle are constructionally identically developed. By different mounting plates, the height of 18-22 mm of the differential gearing can be varied, so that the Rolling of the vehicle can be affected. The owners for the differential gearings are manufactured from aluminum and are identically constructed at front and rear axle.

The driving motor is accurately centrically positioned between the two axles. Thus the driving belts are accurately equivalent long to the two axles. Thus it is guaranteed that it comes to no spannings within the drive strand. The main gear wheel sits on a torsionally stiff driver made of carbon fiber. Thus it can come to no twisting between the engine pinion and the main gear wheel.

A characteristic is the equipment of the component system. The front axle can in the TF-5 freely be configured, it are available alternatively a free-wheel and a rigid Durchtrieb in series! Optionally the front axle can be equipped also with a ball differential. All linkages are provided with R/L threads, in order to make the handling of the vehicle as simple as possible. The wishbone pins sit in durable photographs made of aluminum. Stabilizers for the front and rear axle belong likewise to the standard like the CNC milled transponder owner.


Front and rear axle have particularly sophisticated oh geometry, which lends a maximum to the TF-5 Stallion at mechanical grasp. At both axles particularly low-friction drive bell is used, which provides for maximum quiet running in the system. As the further characteristic the Stallion has so-called C-stroke wheel carrier at the front axle, which make a particularly precise guidance possible of the Rades.

On the wishbones work completely newly developed aluminum oil pressure shock absorbers, which are particularly low-friction and particularly co-ordinated for the route car segment. The absorbers are installed in front and in the back at CNC milled absorber bridges from carbon fiber. Both bridges offer numerous fastening spots for the individual tuning of the vehicle.


The Servo saver is milled one-piece and offers numerous adjustment possibilities, in order to affect the field man effect.

The TF-5 Stallion ordered developed over completely again rims in the Disc Design with width of 24 mm. Altogether the rims are particularly torsionally stiff and get over also harder enemy contact without damage. For optical refinement, all aliminium parts are red anodized, whereby the model becomes also optically unmistakable.

Quality has its price. The sophisticated construction and the noble processing set again yardsticks in this hard contested competition class. With the TF-5 Stallion set you from the beginning on victory – profits must you however already…!


Technical data
Length: 360 mm;
Width (v/h): 186/185 mm;
Height: 75 mm;
Wheel base: 254 – 261 mm;
Trace (v/h): 162/161 mm;
Weight: 1,470 g;
Clearance: 5 mm;
Engine: 540

Source : Kyosho

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