Robitronic Team at DM 2007 in Walsum-Duisburg


Robitronic team with DM 2007 in Walsum around Duisburg on Wednesday, 19 September2007

Six Robitronic team drivers went with the end run of the German championship 2007 with the Robitronic AVID and the new CUBE2 to the start.


The bitumen distance was extremely handy and extremely fast. Due to the strongly different temperatures in the early and in the afternoon the drivers were to be found demanded an optimal Setup.


In the standard class could drive out Robitronic team driver of olive Basdorf with starting point 4 after the advances a good starting position for the final. In the final olive could still draufsetzen then and with a final victory and a second place the outstanding 2. Total rank reach and the vice-master title secure themselves.
First became the very recent Pasch Partik and third Marc.


The other AVID driver Rico Tonert, Tobias how/as brook and Dennis Fadtke had the spent standard with engines something pitch with the achievement and landed nevertheless in the good centre zone.

In the faster Modified class occupied Robitronic team driver Federico Veronesi the 12ten place and Sebastian Witt landed at place 39. First became Marc Fischer before Ronald of peoples and third tonuses pure hard.


Olive Basdorf set with this important end run of the German championship beside the Robitronic AVID also equivalent on the new CUBE2 automatic controller with still smaller energy dissipation and sufficiently power for the 27T stick engines.


Source : Robitronic

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