Tamiya Asia Cup 2007 in Taiwan


Applying the participation right of Asia No.1,  10th time Tamiya Asia Cup have 88 players got together from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and 8 countries of the tie in addition to opening national Taiwan. Event was in hot spring town of Taipei city the north throwing motion center which is residential town of north throwing area which is known (Beitou Sports Center). As for here has become also the place of the refreshment of the citizen as the large-scale physical education facility which has the pool and the interior tennis practice place and the rock-climbing place. This time, constructing the circuit with respect to the basketball coat which is in the 2nd floor. It could unfold hot fight over the final of preliminary round and on the 16th of 15 days and 3 days from practice day September 14th.



As for the buggy class which uses the DF-03 chassis 19 participate. As for feature of course of this year the wave section which is set newly. After arranging the pipe, laying the carpet, the unevenness which it made caused the unexpected accident, the large jump stand of 1m gathered many cheers collectively. Race did showing the running which the Hong Kong POON player stabilizes from preliminary round victory pleasantly.



23 participate in the stock class by the TT-01 chassis. Beginning and ending ranking inserted from preliminary round to decision partly due to the fact that the new face is many, substituted and the development which cannot separate the eye continued, but finally the Korean KIM player took the top.

As for participation 24 player of mini- class. Popularity has revived from the fact that this class revives in world champion game. Race won a complete victory with the preponderant race carrying where the Hong Kong WU player who so far has 5 victory records does not permit following of other things.

22 participate in the 4WD class which uses TA05. With preliminary round very not eating to higher rank, the form to which the VISARUT player of the tie which is supplies reversal victory beautifully, rejoices was impressive.



In addition, announcing performance such as car chase of the machine where, the drift travelling meeting by the volunteer is done on the 16th of last day. In addition the race which becomes tense the charm which is different was appealed. Furthermore there was collection of data of TV bureau and the newspaper publishing company in this day, circumstances of race were broadcast with the news of evening and the sport channel of cable TV became big topic.



Furthermore, the buggy and stock, the victory player of mini-, 4WD class participates to the worldwide game which in November is done with Shizuoka.





Source : Tamiya

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