Team Azarashi – Flex Top Deck for Tamiya TRF501X


A set of upper deck for Tamiya 501X.
Separated completely to right sides and left sides,
they generate high tractions

・flexible chassis roll and high pitching strength.
・A set is for a whole car, including both a front deck set and a rear deck set
・Made from t2.4 straight carbon FRP (Dry Carbon Plate).

Recommendation both front and back is installing, but depending on the taste of circumstance and the driver
Approximately also the setting which installs which is effective.

It added to the damper spring, as “the third foot”
You can enjoy” chassis setting”.


Front side
Low as an understeer measure it is effective in the grip road surface.
The gap where the road surface is detailed and it is not influenced by un duration
The handling efficiency which it stabilizes is shown.


Rear side
You can desire bigger rear grip. Gap running the whole distance characteristic in high-speed limits and stability of the rear to escaping improves from in cornering.

Source : Team Azarashi

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