Alien Racing – Tamiya TA05 Hornet Evolution


Philippe Buysens (Alien Racing, known for its achievements in the field of the electric track, series of Asphalt and Hornet in Touring 1/10 and GoldRace in track 1/12) sent photographs of the Impact to, his last realization, more directed fun than competition, before his first turns of wheels.


According to Philippe Buysens, “It is about a 4×2 propulsion for the track (a kind of 1/8 Traditional but electric…). It is leisure but nevertheless sufficiently top-of-the-range for bursts!!! The goal being especially to roll without preoccupations with a reliability with the simplest possible adjustments”.


On its front part, the frame offers a very fine cutting and the nose gear presents a strong castor angle.


The rear wheel-axle unit is taken again of Touring of entry of range, with its triangulation and its shock absorbers.


The nose gear makes it possible to assemble body to before very shaped.

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