Almeida Portuguese National Champion 2007


The fifth and final round of the Portuguese 1:8 National Championship was held at the Vizela track, and saw the crowning of Fernando Almeida as the new PORTUGUESE CHAMPION! Fernando drives an XRAY XB8EC powered by a Boss B21 OFF engine and Werks Racing Fuel, with a Hitec CRX Radio and Multiplex Titan servos keep things under control.

The race was attended by 55 drivers and the 30°C and higher temperatures (plus the dust) made conditions very difficult for all drivers.


Miguel Matias was TQ followed by Fernando Almeida. Each of the two drivers won their semi-final, putting Matias as number 1 and Fernando as number 2 for the Final. With this result Fernando was already the new Portuguese Champion, having 3 wins and one 2nd place… he was certainly the best driver this year.

In the final, Matias used his Number 1 starting position to his advantage, pulling away from the field and getting a 4-lap lead by the end over 2nd place finisher Carlos Duraes. Tiago Almeida came in 3rd.


Fernando was 2nd in the race until he was hit by another driver, breaking his right rear lower suspension arm and putting him out of the race. It was a pity that things ended this way but that’s the way races are!

With the hot temperatures, dust and hard track, only 4 cars finished the race; all the others stopped with either engine or differential problems.

In a month’s time the same track will be used for the CUP of Portugal… looking forward to it!

Final results:

1. Miguel Matias
2. Carlos Duraes
3. Tiago Almeida
4. Horácio Monteiro
5. Miguel Pires
6. Carlos Cardoso
7. Rodrigo Luis
8. Nuno C. Ribeiro
9. Fernando Almeida -XRAY XB8EC
10. Luis Bessa

Overall championship results:

1. Fernado Almeida – XRAY XB8EC Portuguese National Champion 2007
5. Guilherme Gon̤alves РXRAY XB8EC


Fernando Almeida – Portuguese National Champion 2007


Guilherme Gonçalves

Source : Xray

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