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Well, it’s been a very busy summer at camp SpeedMerchant. My wife Krissy, and I received a couple of priority packages on July 2nd…… Enzo and Gianna Carbone entered the world happy & healthy, and ready to use up any and all the free time I thought I had to do things around here. LOL. Actually it’s been great, and we couldn’t be happier……or more tired.

The other big news is SpeedMerchant has bought a new building(actually, it’s being built for us), and we will be moving most (or all) of the company over there in October. This will allow us to hire a few more worker monkeys to get stuff packaged and out the door in a more timely manner. We’ll also be taking on some International distributors, which up to this point, I’ve shied away from because we have enough trouble just trying to keep up with Domestic orders.

Finally, after 6-months of testing, we’re very close to releasing our new Rev.5. I would like to thank all the locals at RC Excitement in Fitchbug, MA for their cooperation during our testing. Hardly a whisper of the new car made it on to the Internet, which made my life a lot easier. So thanks guys, and a big thanks goes out to RCE’s proprietor, Todd Anderson for letting us use such a nice track.

As far as the 5 goes……way cool. Now that we have all of our own machines, we’re able to make a lot of things that I could have only wished for in the past. We have a new rear pod design, that takes “easy access” to a new level. You can literally drop in any motor (brushless too) with a big honking pinion attached with ease. The new pod plates are actually machined Delrin, and they save a ton of weight over standard aluminum ones. Due to batteries getting heavier every season, and brushless motor/ESC combos weight and handling differential compared to their brushed counterparts, we decided to go with the Delrin plates to off-set some of the weight in the rear of the car. When we 1st started testing them, I really thought it would just be a “team” option part, but after several weeks of bashing, we found out, that they hold up just fine for weekly racing.

The other big news is up at the front of the car. Our new “Formula” front end is just awesome. We’ve done testing, and testing, and testing, and we’re ecstatic with its performance. I really wanted to get away from molds anywhere on the new car, especially in the front end. So we worked on doing a link front end that was sturdy enough to hold up to the speeds and forces generated in today’s cars. By supporting the top of the king pin with 2 balls, the upper link arm is very stiff and strong, and doesn’t move during a crash. Next, we are machining our own proprietary steering knuckles. Again, we used the super stiff 19,000psi Delrin we’re using for our rear pod plates. The king pin rides on a Teflon O-ring that is captured by a 3mm quasi-isotropic carbon fiber suspension plate. Obviously flex or deflection will not be a problem with this lower arm. The king pin movement is ultra free and silky smooth while being slop free. If you’re the type of driver that partakes of the boards a little more than you should, no biggy, pop the o-ring out, press in a new one, and you’re good to go. Obviously, the front end is ultimately adjustable. Caster, camber, reactive caster, reactive camber, roll center, long, medium of short upper links, and more, are all adjustments you can use to dial your Rev 5 in for your specific track. Adjusting the front end is really easy too. Just pop out the king pin, and drop thru any 1/8th inch rod; personally, I use one of our carbon fiber roll over antennas. Then, just using your standard camber/caster gauge, adjust your turnbuckles to get your desired caster and camber. We put the rear link in line with the king pin, so basically, you adjust caster using the front link, and camber using the rear. There is very little over lap of the two adjustments. Because the Formula front end mounts to the standard Associated bolt pattern, we will have it available as a separate product for all the various 1/12th cars (Asc, CRC, Corally, etc.) The only difference car to car will be the CF bottom plate’s 4-screw mounting hole pattern (width). All front suspension geometry will stay the same for the various cars.

Note, just because we’re releasing a new front end doesn’t mean we’re “bailing” on the Old Skool. We just won all 3 ROAR 12th scale titles just a few short months ago with the Old Skool front end bolted on to all of our cars. We just feel that with the advent of brushless technology migrating into our 12th scales, that the new front end will let us explore more “brushless” specific set-ups…especially in the modified division. But, for probably 85% of the racing population, the Old Skool is going to be just as quick, less expensive, and easier (less adjustments to screw up), then our new Formula front end. We will offer a Rev 5″Sport” edition with the Old Skool front end at a lower street price once we get this first big batch of Formula 5’s out the door.

The Rev 5 will be available on-line the 2nd week in October. There are a few “pre-production” kits I was able to send out to customers that just HAD to have them for Vegas. LOL. I think Brood & Ampdraw will have some of those kits for sale at the Vegas race.








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