Team Azarashi – Tateego Buggy Body


Team Azarashi introduce the new Taeego Buggy Body which available in October 2007. Picture shown are the on-board example for the Tamiya TRF501X. It have been develop for 8 months from start with the concept of “parenthesis good quality and compatibility of function.


In the internal space gives the room, loading the brush less system is made easy.
The design which is conscious of the fact that heat inside the body is discharged efficiently outside is adopted,
It is possible to reduce motor temperature dramatically, the exhaust heat mouth of the body rear section by opening.


The side part which is modelled by the experimental result which uses the simple wind tunnel
The air it is not to leap, by the fact that it parries smoothly in the rear
The air style of the body latter half is rectified, to the rear wing can point functioning efficiently


As for the air style which was gathered efficiently passing by the shock tower and between the damper
It is discharged to the rear. With the fact that flux of this part rises inside the body
It has succeeded in pulling out ardor efficiently.


As for form of the cabin front end part which it has an influence on handling largely the actual running test
Repetition it decided.


It was obtained with the numerous trial manufacture experiment which designates [gomahubodei] as the base
The entire forum is decided on the basis of the data.
Aerial attitude control when jumping being easy, it is the body which “bends well”.


The shock tower which is installed is the prototype.



In order to leave the influence of the flank wind when jumping in minimum, the roof high
It set as low as possible in the range where design does not fail.

On-board Example of HB Cyclone D4dscf1051.jpg


It is adaptable in various models with the device of the cutline.
(501X D4 BX BJ4 and the like)




Source : Team Azarashi

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