Tamiya – TB02D Drift Spec



Limited Edition from Tamiya, available in Sep 29, 2007

Translation :

With full counter pleasant sensation cornering!
In based model TB-02 for race of vertical ranging motor 4WD, charm of drift travelling plus. The basic constitution which is superior is the assembly kit of the electromotive RC car chassis which that way administers [dorihutochiyun]. New development the 24mm width tire of the resin make which pursues drift present cheapness. Furthermore, as for wheel 5 spoke designs of chromo finish. Furthermore, it equips the TRF special damper, goes hand in hand with the turn buckle upper arm and delicate suspension setting is possible. Approximately in addition to the ball diff. and the aluminum propeller shaft, it equips also the aluminum motor mount. Furthermore, you prepare also the sticker which finishes the body which you like lively. It is the chassis kit makes gorgeous drift travelling.

Main equipment part

  • Super drift tire (24mm width)
  • TRF special damper (hard black coat)
  • White damper Spring
  • Aluminum motor heat sink (blue alumite)
  • Super Sport Motor
  • Motor heat sink (blue alumite)
  • Propeller shaft (blue alumite “Universal Shaft”) main spoke plated wheel
  • TB-02 urethane bumper
  • 5- Full bearing specification
  • Front and back ball diff.
  • Sticker for body
  • Carrying case


TRF special damper
The high performance which combines the white spring the TRF special damper. Also adjustment of delicate effectiveness of the spring is possible.


Blue aluminum part
The motor mount and the heat sink which keep good temperature of the motor, furthermore as for the propeller shaft the blue aluminum finish.


Super drift tire
Drift control is easy to do, the super drift tire whose performance change is little (24mm width).

Basic specifications

  • Chassis total length 375mm, chassis full-width 188mm
  • Wheel base 257mm
  • Tread F: 163mm R: 160mm
  • Motor = [supotsuchiyun]
  • Drive system = shaft drive 4WD
  • Suspension: 4 wheel double wishbone

Source : Tamiya

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