2007 IIC in Las Vegas – Second Practice Day

The second practice day was a long day with a lot of testing. The traction has increased big time, the grey carpet got all black. Due to this, lots of racers have problems with traction rolling and lifting wheels, even in the rubber classes too much grip is an issue.

Serpents top foam drivers Jeff Cuffs and Jared Scott are looking good on the track with their S400s. Their experience in foam Touring also helped the others on the team finding a reasonable set-up. Thanks Jeff and Jared, good work!!

Tire choice at the right time seems to be the key, hopefully we get it sorted for tomorrows first two qualifying rounds. Fastest in TC foam Modified were Paul LeMieux, Mike Blackstock and Jilles Groskamp.

In rubber TC racing Mr. “Smooth” Niels Koenekoop finally found a groove, his car looks awesome on the track and his lap times were fine. Also young talented Niklas Nilsson found a great set-up for the high grip condition, we are all sure to here lots more in future from that nice 17 year old Swedish driver.

Billy is struggling a bit in rubber TC, his car is not as good as yesterday in the low grip conditions. Well, Billy is experienced enough and he will sort is out for qualifying. On a blistering pace in rubber we had Paul LeMieux, Atsushi Hara and Andy Moore.

Markus with his prototype was great today, his last run actually would have been enough for a Top 5 run, but a dumped receiver pack stopped his good run. Also in 12th scale tire choice is a problem, as the carpet has changed from yesterday. Fastest in 12th scale were Hupo Hoenigl, Andy Moore, Marc Rheinard, Jilles and Markus.

Our R&D manager Rene Cornella is testing lots with some new gear diffs for Touring EP. He is changing his diff set-up every run to gain more and more information about the behaviour of gear diffs. His last run was really good and he had some serious power in his car. Maybe he had the fastest car in the straight we have seen whole day!!

Funniest crash today came from Marc Fischer. He clipped the border at the end of the straight on full throttle with his TC foam Modified car and crashed fully into the time keeping! It was the first time we did see our race director Scotty Ernst speechless :)

Everybody is waiting for qualifying to start tomorrow at 7.00 in the morning.

Source : Serpent

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