GRP Irish Challenge

The 2007 GRP Irish challenge was hosted by BADMCC in Northern Ireland. The event sponsored by grp and mirage RC was set to draw talent from all around the country. Racers from north and south attended the large track at badmcc.with the buggys set for 4 from 7 rounds of qually and the truggys for ftq it was set to be a competitive weekend. Buggy tyres were controlled to pre glued grips and truggy to the same.

Richard Barton (hyper8/ws73) 50 laps
Barkley Abernethy (XRAY EC/rbc6) 50 laps
Michael Todd (losi8/nova5t) 49 laps
Richard Quiggly (hong nor/nova421) 47 laps
Neil Irwin (hong nor/go) 47 laps
Jonny Benson(tts3/go) 44 laps
Mark Harron (hyper8/ws73) 42 laps
Gary Baird (kyosho/rbws73) 42 laps
Alan Bickerstaff (hong nor/rbws72) 42 laps
Alan Scroggie (hyper7/ninja) 42laps
David Mcclean (kyosho/rbc6) 20 laps
Andrew Rennick (sportsworks/nova 5t) 5 laps

Source : Mirage Racing

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