Hudy – Spring Steel Turnbuckle Wrenches

Precision turnbuckle wrenches designed exclusively by HUDY from special self-developed, world-reknown HUDY Spring Steel™ to ensure maximum strength, durability, and long life. These turnbuckle wrenches are additionally hardened to provide unmatched life span.

• smart fork design ensures perfect fit to 3mm, 4mm, 5mm turnbuckles and minimizes the wear and rounding of the tool shape
• wrench head shape is hand ground on a precision grinding machine to ensure a very precise shape to a snug fit on the turnbuckle
• the fork end of the tool is additionally ground flat to keep the tool shape as thin as possible for very easy access in restricted areas

• the other end of the tool has a smartly-designed ball which makes gripping the tool very easy to use
• perfect tool for adjusting 3mm, 4mm, 5mm turnbuckles on 1/10, 1/8 on-road and off-road cars as well 1/8 truggies and monster trucks
• laser-engraved HUDY logo and turnbuckle size for easy and quick identification
• popular turnbuckle sizes available:
#181030 HUDY Spring Steel Turnbuckle Wrench 3 mm
#181040 HUDY Spring Steel Turnbuckle Wrench 4 mm
#181050 HUDY Spring Steel Turnbuckle Wrench 5 mm

Source : HUDY

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