Xray – NT1 Options – Receiver Battery Pack

Receiver Battery Pack Intellect 1400mAh NIMH – 6.0V

XRAY introduces a new 5-cell (6.0V) inline battery pack made from ultra-high performance Intellect IB1400mAh NiMH cells. These 2/3A cells offer low resistance and will maintain their high voltage under load, allowing them to easily provide power to high-powered servos without a performance decrease.

The 1400mAh capacity is one of the highest capacities currently on the market, helping to ensure long life for long races. The pack features high-grade wiring and a pre-wired standard connector for connection to the receiver. If you are looking for a solid performer to withstand long main finals, this high capacity premium-quality reliable receiver battery pack is the answer.

Source : XRAY

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