XRAY T2’008 TQ & WIN International Indoor Championship

Team XRAY debuted the all-new XRAY T2’008 at the at the indoor season opening race – the famous and one of the most competitive indoor races, the International Indoor Championship. The whole team factory team raced with the brand new T2’008 and the team has received the final production kit just at the race event. With just few practice rounds the XRAY team showcased some of the strongest performance and was the team to beat during the whole week. In the rubber modified category it was Paul Lemieux who set TQ with his XRAY T2’008 with other XRAY team drivers Barry Baker, Teemu Leino and the young Alexander Hagberg qualifying into the main final too.

In the foam modified category it was Teemu Leino who qualified second just behind Chris Tosolini, with Paul Lemieux, Jilles Groskamp and Barry Baker from the Team XRAY qualifying with their T2’008 into the main final too. For the very first indoor race already the qualification results were a definitive fabulous achievement confirming the next-level performance of the new T2’008.

With the very strong presence in the main finals the Team XRAY drivers were expected to do well. In the rubber modified category Paul was easily in the lead when he was crashed by car behind him leaving the space to Marc Rheinard to pass and to win the race. Despite the crash Paul cruised and returned back to the second position where he also finished.

Modified Rubber Sedan – A Main

1. Rheinard, Marc
2. LeMieux, Paul XRAY T2’008 (TQ)
3. Hara, Atsushi
4. Levanen, Juho
5. Hagberg, Alexander XRAY T2’008
6. Baker, Barry XRAY T2’008
7. Leino, Temmu XRAY T2’008

8. Blackstock, Mike
9. Easton, Billy
10.Moore, Andy

n the foam modified category it was Teemu Leino who worked his way from the second position to the lead and hold it until the race got over and as such won the highly competitive foam modified category.

Modified Foam Sedan – A Main

1. Leino, Temmu XRAY T2’008
2. Tosolini, Chris
3. LeMieux, Paul XRAY T2’008
4. Groskamp, Jilles XRAY T2’008

5. Dumas, Mike
6. Baker, Barry XRAY T2’008
7. Wilck, Victor
8. Rheinard, Marc
9. Cyrul, Josh
10.Hara, Atsushi

Source : XRAY & rc50.com

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