BRCA 1:8 British National Championship Round 10 at Halifax

BRCA 1:8 British National Championship
Round 10, Halifax
A Final Result

1.(1) Mark Green (Serpent 960/Mega) – 116 laps in 1800.11
2.(3) Richard Hicklin (Serpent 960/Mega) – 115 laps in 1809.73
3.(9) Andrew Hastings (Mugen) – 111 laps in 1813.95
4.(10)Jason Frost – 103 laps in 1807.88
5.(4) James Connolly – 102 laps in 1690.02
6.(6) Andrew North – 94 laps in 1808.23
7.(5) Pete Hastings – 42 laps in 694.15
8.(8) Daniel Bancroft – 24 laps in 1331.75
9.(2) Tim Wood (Serpent/Mega) – 6 laps in 93.17
10.(7)Gareth Bell – DNS

Serpent factory driver Mark Green is the 2007 BRCA British 1:8 National Champion.  Green won the title perfectly by winning the 10th and penultimate round of the championship at Halifax over the weekend leading home a Serpent 960 1, 2.

Green, the winner of 7 of the championship encounters this year, TQ’d the event ahead of Serpent team-mates Tim Wood and outgoing champion Richard Hicklin who each have also recorded a win this season.

In the final, Green led from the start followed by Wood however the Round 5 winner would retire after just 6 laps due to a broken piston.

Holding the lead Green eventually crossed the finish line a lap up on Hicklin for a 960/Mega 1, 2 finish.

Green now turns his attentions to the 1:8 Onroad World Championships in Argentina where he is one of the favourites having won the Pre-World Event with his 960 back in March.

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