OS Engines – Speed Tuned 21VZ-B V-Spec AL

An aluminum heat sink head combined with special factory tuning makes this a more efficiently cooled .21 VZ-B V-Spec competition engine!

* Aluminum transfers heat away from the crankcase more efficiently, for more consistent cooling.
* The specially coated crankshaft features a precision ceramic bearing that greatly reduces friction – plus a Tungsten weight for added balance.
* A double adjustment carb allows for ultra-fine tuning for demanding race conditions.
* Available separately, the T-2060SC WN tuned silencer (OSMG2938) utilizes a welded-on pressure nipple, and was developed specifically for this engine.
* Now you can select the high-performance .21 VZ-B V-Spec with your choice of heat sink head: lighter weight magnesium (OSMG2081), or cooler aluminum!

Stock Number: OSMG2069
Displacement: 0.211 cu in (3.46 cc)
Bore: 0.653 in (16.6 mm)
Stroke: 0.630 in (16.0 mm)
Practical rpm range: 3,000-40,000
Output: 2.5 hp @ 34,000 rpm
Weight: 12 oz (345.5 g)

Source : OS Engine

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