Active Hobby – A210ss 1/12 EP – Updated

Active Hobby Products Japan Introduce the scoop image of the A210SS chassis.
We thought to the first by an A210SS kit development project concerning the making of car which pursued car original pleasure for enthusiastic. Make this limited size and a compact chassis of DIMENSION a design in the ultimate low center of gravity.

The provided high performance characteristic or standard feature of the new weapon were light, and the development of the road going model that a run was very pleasant started.
A210SS condensed all elements which were necessary for an enthusiastic and compact chassis.

Chassis Dimension.
# Ultimate low center of gravity design.
# Fully adjustable geometry of the suspension and Long
span suspension arms.With gear for roll center
and toe-in adjustment of F&R.
# Two belt drive AWD system.
# Aluminum front & rear bulkhead top and lei yard motor mounts.
# Eccentric bulkhead the suitable belt pressure adjustment.
# F&R CVD universal drive shafts.
# F&R adjustable closed ball deff and Full adjustable Hex ball.
# Adjustable Ackerman system.
# Two types of front shock towers(Difference of lever ratio)
# Turnbuckle-style lot, the open hall lot end.
# High quality OIL shock.
# Battery able to choose, Stick pack and original cell.
# Chassis: Full length / 282mm.
# Chassis Width F/163mm R/163mm to 169mm.
# Chassis Wheels Base / 208mm to 210mm.
# Includes Sports Bodies.
# Includes Scale Rims and Rubber Tires 54mm size.
# Includes 540 motor.
# Includes TamiyaM03 bodies post sets.
# Includes full ball bearing.
With out ESC radio sets.

The attached body makes full use of 3D CAD and balances sports performance with a feeling of scale that was particular about.
We plan a car model supported by a sportscar fan.
In addition, the A210SS kit Carr shows most suitable, high fighting power as a base chassis of the racers.
We introduce the body details and the details of the chassis to be attached on November 4 on the next time.

Source : Active Hobby

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