HPI – Nitro 3 Drift RTR Toyota JZZ30

The GP drift model “Nitro 3 DRIFT RTR” from HPI RACING causes revolution in the drift boundary debuts!

Mighty power and the exhaust note of force which the NITRO STAR G3.0 engine produces with the electromotive model impression and the excitation which never cannot taste are brought to you. As for any weight things which begin the engine the mass balance which is optimized, geometry actualizing the drift feeling of the highest quality e.g., it arranges in the chassis center. In addition, the chassis although being the GP model, makes 190mm narrow tread, is marketed the placing changing to many 190mm bodies was made possible.

1/10 scale engine drift cars
* “Nitro 3 DRIFT RTR” chassis
* Total length: 375mm
* Full-width: 200mm (at the time of 6mm offset wheel installing)
* Total height: 100mm
* Wheel base: 261mm
* Tire: 63mm x 26mm
* Gross load: Approximately 1,700g
* Engine: 3.01cc
* Transmission: Single speed
* Drive system: Shaft drive 4WD system
* Full ball bearing specification

G3.0 engine specification

* Aerodynamic volume displacement: 3.01cc (18size)
* Bore: 16.8mm
* Stroke: 13.6mm
* Installed capacity: 2.437 Horsepower /27,000rpm
* The highest rpm: 30,000rpm
* 7.0mm composite sliding carburetor

Source : HPI

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