Kyosho – SPADA 09

1/12 GP 4WD RACING CAR – SPADA 09 – with AK-12C body

Sirio 09 engine powers an entirely new racing force!
Taste the thrill of a new GP 1/12 racing machine.

The huge impact of the SIRIO 09 engine’s concentrated power was felt around the R/C world with its launch on the Mini Inferno 09. As the world’s most respected racing engine brand, SIRIO’s high-performance engine sits at the heart of a new 1/12 scale on-road racing machine. A 4WD power-train boasting 2-speed transmission and a front one-way unit utilizes the engine’s full potential, while the front / rear suspension produces high-level running performance. The simple chassis design ironically produces sophisticated performance characteristics, but without the difficult setting adjustments. Packed with the results of KYOSHO’s many years of racing machine design experience, no setting adjustments are needed to produce controllable high-speed running performance. For your first on-road racing car, or as a second machine to enjoy, the compact 1/12 scale with high-performance SIRIO 09 engine opens the door to a world of racing excitement.

Newly developed rear axle and support section moves with the suspension stroke to produce superior control characteristics.

Special spiral springs on the king-pin coil suspension realize sharp cornering control.

Special 38cc fuel tank is equipped with duplo filter that promises performance equal to top of the line racing models.

* Sophisticated chassis defines a new 1/12 scale GP racing car category!
* 2-belt drive 4WD and one-way unit delivers superb racing performance.
* Sirio 09 engine, clutch, manifold and tuned muffler included as standard features.
* 2-speed automatic transmission included as standard.
* Rear ball differential included as standard.
* 17S-grade duralumin main chassis boasts excellent heat dissipation and rigidity.
* Same standard size servos can be used, as in PureTen series.
* Features the same advanced brake unit as the V-ONE series.
* Includes AAA-sized battery compartment with BEC connectors for the receiver power supply.
* The same Nickel Metal Hydride Rx battery pack for the Mini-Inferno 09 can also be used.
* New aerodynamic body shell generates maximum speed.
* Full ball bearing specifications include a total of 14 ball bearings.
* Specially designed 8-spoke wheels and pre-glued and molded foam tires are standard.

Chassis Technical Data

  • Total Length : 240mm
  • Full Width : 172, 178mm
  • Height : 78mm
  • Wheel Base : 200mm
  • Tread (F/R) : 147mm/140mm
  • Tire (F/R) : 46×25mm / 50×38mm
  • Gear Ratio : 5.89:1 / 4.62:1
  • Weight : Apporx. 1,000g

Source : Kyosho

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