HB – Cyclone 12 Wins IIC in Las Vegas

Report from HB :

Andy Moore and the Cyclone 12 have taken the win at the International Indoor Championships in Las Vegas!

Andy and Cyclone 12 teammate Marc Reinhard battled so close throughout the 8-minute single A Main race that it was too close to call, and spectators were fixated on the race leaders! In the end, Andy won by just 0.4 second ahead of Marc, a very close race and a great win for the Hot Bodies team!

Final 1/12th Championship Results:
1 Andy Moore (TQ)
2 Marc Reinhard
3 Josh Cyrul
4 Mike Blackstock
5 Simo Ahoniemi
6 Jeff Dayger
7 Jilles Grosskamp
8 Hupo Honigl
9 Atsushi Hara
10 Chris Tosolini

The Cyclone 12 also locked out the qualifying, with Andy Moore, Marc Reinhard and Atsushi Hara taking the first three spots on the racing grid!

Hara and Moore also finished the weekend in the A Main of Modified Rubber Sedan, with Hara taking third place. Hara also made the A Main of Modified Foam Sedan.

Andy Moore

Marc Rheinard

Atsushi Hara

Source : HB

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