Novak – Crawler 21.5 & 18.5 Sintered Brushless Motor

As more and more drivers head toward rugged terrain instead of the smooth track, the need for specialized crawler equipment has increased. With this in mind, Novak has introduced two distinct Crawler motors: the #3419 Crawler 18.5 Sintered Brushless Motor and the #3420 Crawler 21.5 Brushless Motor.

Novak is pleased to be one of the few, if not the only R/C manufacturer, who offers electronic products specifically designed for crawlers. Brushless technology is an ideal fit for crawling applications due to the instant throttle response, super low-speed drivability and explosive torque brushless products provide. The sensor-based Crawler Brushless Motors enable crawlers to climb over, maneuver through and conquer the most challenging terrain.


The #3419 Sintered Crawler is the same motor included in Novak’s #3019 Goat Crawler Brushless System. It is ideal for crawling applications as well as drivers looking for slower speeds and longer run times.


Though Novak’s 21.5 Brushless Crawler has many of the same great features as the updated #3419 Brushless Crawler 18.5 Sintered Motor, it has one key difference: It is even slower. With its lower-speed driveability and torque, the Crawler 21.5 Brushless Motor is equipped to tackle the harshest environments.


The specially designed Crawler motors scale over other brushed motors because of their massive start up and low-speed torque, all without sacrificing power or control. This eliminates the need to use 3-cell Li-Po packs, required by out-runner motors, which adds unnecessary weight to the rig. Novak’s lightweight brushless system can tackle the most challenging terrain on 2-cell Li-Po packs.

There is one significant upgrade that greatly improves the 18.5-turn and 21.5-turn Crawler motors’ performance: a sintered rotor. Both Crawler motors include the same high-performance sintered rotor that Novak’s Velociti-series motors currently use. The rotor is ideal for use with any and all applications, and provides the following benefits:

* Significantly increased magnetic strength for improved throttle feel
* Improved, stronger motor braking power
* Improved performance in higher temperature conditions
* Improved motor acceleration and power
* Higher efficiency
* Lower current draw
* Nickel-plated for a long lasting, smooth, clean finish

The Crawler Brushless Motors include some great features that have made them popular, including a larger, more rugged front bearing for extra durability and extended life (same bearing used in Novak’s Velociti-series motors). There are ribbed aluminum end bells and the same popular solder tab system that is used in Novak’s Velociti-series motors. The lower-resistance solder tabs allow for more flexible soldering options and are extremely efficient and easy to use. The solder tabs provide the lowest possible voltage drop and allow for easy and convenient power wire replacement. The motors also come with sensor-based commutation for precise rotor position control.

The Crawler 21.5 Brushless Motor is specifically designed to work with Novak’s brushless crawler speed controls, including the new Goat Crawler Brushless/Brush ESC (#3219) and the original Novak Crawler Brushless ESC (in system #3018).


  •  Specifically designed for R/C vehicles that require precise movement control
  •  Sensor-based technology for excellent low-speed driveability
  •  High-strength Sintered rotor for unmatched performance
  •  Oversized Front Bearing for extra durability and extended life
  •  Aluminum ribbed end bells for additional cooling
  •  Direct-Solder Wiring Tabs for flexible soldering options
  •  User-replaceable rotor (#5908), and user-replaceable front end bell/bearing, and rear bearing (#5919)
  •  Minimal Maintenance
  •  No cogging
  •  Designed and dyno-tested by Novak in Irvine, Calif.


  •  Number of Turns: 18.5 (#3419), 21.5 (#3420)
  •  Design: Sensor-based
  •  Input Voltage: 4-7 cells (1.2V/cell) or 2S Li-Po cells
  •  Watts: 119 (#3419),85 (#3420)
  •  KV (unloaded) 2,700 (#3419),1,800 (#3420) RPM/Volt
  •  Motor Size: 2.08”L x 1.41”D (52.8 x 35.8mm)
  •  Shaft Diameter: 0.125”; 3.2 mm; (accepts all existing pinion gears)
  •  Motor Weight: 6.61 oz. (187 grams)
  •  Bearing: Oversized (1/2” x 3/16”) Front; Standard Rear (3/8” x 1/8”)
  •  Magnet: Sintered Neodymium (one-piece, multi-pole cylindrical high-strength)

Source : Novak

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