CRC – TC Race Cuts Touring Car Tires

Calandra Racing Concepts, Inc. has a long history of race winning tires. Our World Championship winning 1:12th scale Pro Cuts tires have revolutionized the R/C tire market, leading the way with large diameter technology that has now been imitated by all the large tire manufactures. While pushing the boundaries of performance, CRC has always been aware of the escalating costs of model car racing. Week in and week out, tires seem to make up the largest portion of any racing budget. Calandra Racing solves this issue releasing a high performance, low cost, touring car foam tire for the racing market.

CRC’s new TC “Race Cuts” are a 27 mm wide touring car tire on CRC’s 51 mm dished wheel. With this new tire, we decided to offer a performance based larger diameter wheel (51 mm instead of 49 or 50) with a 27 mm width that is sure to fit all the current touring cars. While the rules now allow us to go to a full 53 mm, a rim this large forces a very small side wall, making the tire a one or 2 run tire at best. The mid-size 51 mm rim, allows race winning performance with the ability to run the tire multiple times. The new TC Race Cuts come trued to 58 mm in diameter, allowing the racer to use them straight from the package or with a minimum of truing needed.

Race Cuts are available in 2 compounds, magenta and a split double purple/magenta. The split tire can be used on the front for ultra-high bite situations.

Source : Team CRC

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