HB – Reports on IFMAR World Championship 1/10th 4WD Offroad

Press Release:

Results of the IFMAR World Championship 1/10th 4WD OFFROAD. It was held in Japan at 9/15-9/16/2007.

Two Hot Bodies Drivers (Atsushi Hara and Hayato Matsuzaki) and two Hot Bodies Cars Cyclone D4 were in A-main final.
This is a result,
6th position Atsushi Hara Cyclone D4
8th position Hayato Matsuzaki Cyclone D4

Hara was the fastest while at the track; however, he had some bad lack, so he ended up 6th overall.
Hayato Matsuzaki, current IFMAR 2wd off-road champion, changed his motor to CheckPoint from LRP on the final day. He likes the power response for CheckPoint brushed motor more than the LRP brushless motor. As a result, he ran better; however, he did not have enough time to optimize his chassis setup to match his motor, so he ended up in 8th.

In summary, it was first IFMAR off-road world championship for Team Hot Bodies. All team members did well. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported Team Hot Bodies.

Source : HB

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