Tamiya – 2007 November New Product


Available in Dec 1, 2007

The new development off load chassis which adopts ★2 belt drive 4WD, DB01 1st feature appears. The gene of ★TRF501 was succeeded, the maintainability which is superior wide setting was collected to concept. Covering the drive system of the belt and the center pulley etc of the ★2 book. * Part constitution it is little, e.g., the bulkhead front and back is unified the chassis, it is feature.


Available in Nov 17, 2007

It can enjoy the powerful running only of twin motor 4WD fully, it is the RC racing track/truck. As for mainframe high intensity monocoque type. The constitution which is superior in weight balance e.g., it loads the battery and the motor for travelling onto the central approaching, sets steering wheel servo on the body centerline. The one for twin motor ESC standard was equipped.

1/8RCE 4×4 Customized MONSTER TRUCK TNX5.2R Champagne GOLD EDITION

Available : Nov 24, 2007

* The high performance 1/8 engine track/truck, the body of TNX5.2R was finished with the champagne gold.
* Color coordinating in the silver, the wheel is made silver plating.
* The ball pivot suspension it tightened the underside with bulk oil damper 4, it installed the high grip tire which allots the pin of ellipse to high density.

XB BMW Z4 M coupe racing (TT-01 chassis)

Available in Nov 17, 2007

★BMW Z4 M coupe racing is appearance even by the completion electromotive RC car.
* The forum of force is reproduced to real with polycarbonate, also light/write illumination is possible.
* Adopting the chassis shaft 4WD and TT-01.

Other New items :

  • Crystal Set AM for x peck (01-12)
  • DB01 – assembly Univeral Front Shaft
  • DB01 – assembly Univeral Rear Shaft
  • DB01 – Front One-way Set
  • DB01 – Slipper Clutch Set
  • TA05-IFS – Aluminum Bulkhead
  • DB01 – Front Dish Wheel
  • DB01 – Rear Dish Wheel
  • BMW Z4 M Coupe Racing Spare Body Set
  • GT-01 – Gold Mesh Wheel (Front)
  • GT-01 – Gold Mesh Wheel (rear)

Source : Tamiya

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