Jonas Andersson wins first race for Schumacher

Jonas Andersson won the first race of the indoor-season last weekend in Sweden. The event was the first round of the regional South Swedish Indoor Championship (SSIC) and it was held in Viskafors, Sweden.



This is was Jonas had to say about the race:


“We have a great racing-series in the south of Sweden called the SSIC and it has always been quite competitive. The first round for this season was going to be held in Viskafors (an hours drive from Gothenburg) and I decided early that this would be a perfect race for me to start out with my Mi-3. Local stars of Niclas Nilsson (Serpent) and Mathias Larsson (Associated) would be more than worthy opponents together with other fast drivers, and I was in all honesty a little bit concerned about this beforehand. I’d managed to get about 10 runs with the car before the event on another track and so far I was extremely impressed with it, but one never knows for sure how it will go on other tracks before you give it a go.


Saturday morning, 04.30, me and my dad started up the Volvo and headed towards Viskafors, which is situated about 300 km from Malmo, where we live. I decided not to drive during free practice as it’s a bit of a risk when cars of different speeds (stock, 19 turn and modified) are on the track at the same time, so I only got two rounds of controlled practice before the race would start. The car felt good from the beginning even though this track is a little bit special in that it is bumpy in a few places and that the grip had not really come up yet. I needed the car to be a little bit more direct however and it was also a little bit loose with the rear mid-corner, so I changed to 10 wt thicker oil in the front dampers.


The 2:nd practice was okey as well, my lap-times were both fast and very consistent, but the car had gotten a little bit more uneasy over the small bumps in the high-speed section of the track.


For the first qualification-heat I decided to change the pistons in the dampers from 3-hole to 2-hole ones, with bigger holes in them, so that the dampers would get less pack and thus make the car ride the bumps better. This worked like a charm and after the first round I was first in the overall ranking. I still felt that there was a small problem with the balance in the car so I moved the spool to the high position (same as I used at the back) and this made the car a bit more responsive, but also more balanced throughout to turns, in the next heat.


For the last qualifying-round I made a small spring change, it worked superbly as well which led to me being TQ in front of Niclas as we moved on to the finals. I was so happy to find that every change in the setup that I made to the car made it better and that is was so easy to feel the difference as well. Another fast, and very friendly, Schumacher-driver who made the A-main was Dennis Oscarsson in 6:th place. Considering that he had only run the car a few times before this event, and that he was using a brushed motor/speedo-combination (not ideal with 5 cells) it was really a stellar drive!


The grip had started to come up for the finals so I fitted the car with antiroll-bars, a 1.4 mm up front and a 1.2 mm in the rear. The car was stunning to drive like this, I drove off from the rest of the field from the start and everything looked settled until the 3 min. mark passed and the pinion-gear in my car decided that it wanted to part ways with my motor… So, a DNF for me and suddenly things looked a lot darker. Dennis however impressed again and managed to finish as runner-up in this final behind Niclas Nilsson.


I didn’t make any adjustments to the car other than using a new setscrew to fasten the pinion for the second final… Once again the car worked flawlessly and even though Niclas could keep up with me for quite some time I felt very comfortable with the car and managed to win the final.


Coming up to the last final I really wanted to test a softer antiroll-bar up front so that the car could carry more speed through the high-speed section of the track. This worked very well and even though Niclas pushed me very hard for the first 3 minutes of the race I still managed to win it a few seconds in front of him. Dennis luck changed for the worse in the last two finals, which were a bit hard for him, but he still finished a respectable 7:th. He will most certainly continue to impress as both he and I learn to unlock even more speed from the car.


Source : Schumacher

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