Leon McIntosh Win RC PRO Series East

Race report by Leon McIntosh
Race: Rd. 3 of the RC Pro Series EAST division
Track: Phil Hurd Raceway Savannah, GA
Dates: September 28-30th 2007

The Savannah crew did an awesome job building a track that was extremely smooth and hard packed with some technical jump combinations. It was apparent very early on Friday during practice that there was going to be a ton of traction and who ever could set their car up better would have the best shot at winning.

1/8th Expert Buggy Qualify:
1- JR Mitch
2- Chris Crews – XRAY XB8EC
3- Robin Nelson
4- Mark Moore
5- Travis Dupree
6- Ryan Lopez – XRAY XB8EC
7- Shane Ogden
8- Jason Smith
9- Patrick Rossiter
10- Gene Hickerson

1/8th Expert Truggy Qualify :
1- Leon McIntosh – XRAY XT8
2- Brandon Cutchins
3- Gene Hickerson
4- Chris Crews – XRAY XT8
5- Jason Smith
6- Travis Dupree
7- Seth Wrobel
8- Justin Cranford
9- Jeff Keaton
10- Pete Worth

Final Finishing order 1/8th Buggy:

1-Patrick Rossiter
2- Robin Nelson
3-Chris Crews – XRAY XB8EC
4- Shane Ogden
5- Brandon Cutchins
6- Mark Moore
7- Gene Hickerson
8- Jason Smith
9- Garret McKamie
10- Ryan Lopez – XRAY XB8EC
11- JR Mitch
12- Travis Dupree

The final results 1/8th Arena Truck Final:

1- Chris Crews – XRAY XT8
2- Brandon Cutchins
3- Leon McIntosh – XRAY XT8
4- Gene Hickerson
5- Jason Smith
6- Seth Wrobel
7- Pete Worth
8- Tony Pattishall
9- Justin Cranford
10- Alan Burton
11- Jeff Keaton
12- Travis Dupree

Leon McIntosh XB8EC Set-up sheet.

Leon McIntosh XT8 Set-up sheet.

Source : XRAY

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